It’s not just giving money to charity and volunteering once a year. Yes, that is amazing, but, sadly, not enough to ensure that everyone on the planet has access to good vision.

Even here in Canada, our surveys show that 6% of the population has uncorrected poor vision. Some realize this, others don’t. After all, if you had poor vision your whole life but were functional, how would you know?

This is very personal for me as I have a daughter with a very high level of hyperopia. She is basically non-functional if she doesn’t have her glasses. When I ask my friends if they brought their kids to see an optometrist and they say no… I’m really surprised. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t yell at them or raise my preacher voice for all to hear (I’ve been known to do that from time to time but that’s another issue ????) I bring simple facts to the table.

We’re all trying to give the best tools possible to our children.

As I once told the leader of an amazing “stay in school” non profit:

“What you’re doing is AMAZING, but what if they can’t even see the board properly…?”

Did you know that most provinces in Canada cover eye exams for children?

Our foundation is about reaching everyone, everywhere. The main issue in Canada is not necessarily availability. I know so many engaged doctors of optometry in Canada. The talent is there. Our challenge is to reach the uncorrected, to raise their awareness so that they, too, can become the best version of themselves.

This website, and this brand we’re launching, is about all of this. It’s about YOU, being part of something bigger. Join all of us in addressing one of the greatest disabilities out there. Show that you care, spread the message and be the best version of yourself.

— Simon, Father of Maéva

Executive Director for the Essilor Vision Foundation Canada

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